The mission of IGPC Ethanol is

to be a profitable agricultural processing business, which maximizes shareholder value through strategic business development, while adhering to our corporate values.


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Eco-Energy Fueling Solutions

IGPC Ethonal partners with Eco Energy Fueling Solutions for ethanol markets.

Our Board of Directors

Adrian Op`t Hoog

President and Chairman

Adrian Op’t Hoog is the owner of Hiview Poultry Farms Ltd. and Hiview Solar Ltd., located near Feversham in Grey County. The family farm produces broiler chickens and cash crops. The farm has also developed, built and now operates over 380 KW of grid-tied solar PV systems to produce electricity through the OPA’s microFIT and FIT programs.

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Joe Kloepfer

Vice Chair

Brad Sheeler


George R. Alkalay


Cassandra Loomans


Paul Hazzard


Eric Van Moerkerke


Denis Gagnon


Stephanie Bird


Answers to your questions about IGPC Ethanol

Ethanol is a renewable, clean-burning, high octane fuel traditionally used as a blending ingredient in gasoline. This liquid alcohol is made up of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon and is obtained from the fermentation of sugar or converted starch contained in grains (such as corn).

In dry milling, the entire corn kernel is first ground into flour, also known as “corn meal”. The corn meal is slurried with water to form a “mash.” Enzymes and Ammonia are then added to the mash. The mash is transferred to fermenters where yeast is added and the conversion of sugar to ethanol and carbon dioxide (CO2) begins. After fermentation, the resulting “beer” is transferred to distillation columns where the ethanol is separated from the remaining “whole stillage.” The ethanol is concentrated to 190 proof and then is dehydrated to 200 proof. It is then blended with denaturant making it unfit for human consumption and is ready to be shipped.

Ethanol is blended with gasoline to produce a fuel which has environmental advantages when compared with gasoline, and can be used in gasoline-powered vehicles manufactured since the 1980’s. Some vehicles are specially manufactured to operate on an ethanol blend that contains up to 85 percent ethanol and at least 15 percent gasoline.

As of 2022, the Renewable Fuel Mandate, put into effect by the government of Canada, requires an average of 10% renewable content in gasoline across Canada. Because this is an average, the amount of renewable content can vary with lower percentages in Northern Canada and higher percentages in the Toronto and GTA, for example, depending on demand.

The production of fuel ethanol is a way for farmers to add value to their corn through the ownership of a processing plant. It is an opportunity to participate in the fuel industry, which is a growth industry, versus producing a basic farm commodity. Increasing corn processing capacity in Ontario will increase the demand for Ontario corn, and therefore, give farmers a greater market for their corn.

Ethanol production yields large quantities of distillers grains. At IGPC, distillers are made into three variations: dry, wet, and low-fat wet. The distillers grains are an easily digestible, high source of protein suitable for livestock feed.

The plant is located in the heart of Ontario’s grain corn production area. The location allows easy access to the 401 via Highway #73, has access to rail, and is close to its markets -such as livestock to sell distillers grains. The community of Aylmer has also been very welcoming to the plant and, in turn, IGPC helps support Aylmer through employment and community involvement.

Approximately 200 jobs were created during construction. The plant is staffed by a dedicated team of about 85 full-time employees.

IGPC uses about 1,700 litres of water per minute. All process water remains in the process and is recycled internally. Any discharge from the plant will be stormwater and water that does not come into contact with production materials (such as that used in the boiler and cooling tower).

Established in 2007, IGPC Ethanol Inc. contributes significantly to the Renewable Fuels Industry and Ontario’s agricultural sector. By producing 380 million litres of denatured fuel grade ethanol and 340,000 tonnes of distillers’ grains, IGPC Ethanol Inc., has become a leader in Southwestern Ontario’s business community by creating environmentally sustainable economic growth. IGPC Ethanol Inc. is a division of Integrated Grain Processors Co-operative Inc., established in 2002 by a group of agribusiness individuals. IGPC is a full service provider to local farmers offering a distribution solution for their corn crops while producing high protein feed supplement for their livestock.